About Us


I’m Dawn Rettinger, owner and Chief Travel Instigator for Dawn’s Escapades.

My focus is on culturally immersive travel for small groups. I feel very strongly, that travel is spiritually satisfying and enriches our lives when we can experience a destination’s flavors and customs, and get to know some of its people. To ensure my clients have the best experience possible,  I have chosen to work with companies that offer a variety of travel styles for unique and diverse destinations, but also provide a high degree of safety, English speaking guides and hosts who are extremely knowledgeable and make the experience educational, inclusive and enjoyable.


Knowing the ins and outs, and fitting all the pieces together is tricky business, and coming up with creative solutions to your travel ideal is my bag!


Dawn’s Escapades  Travel, Changing your BUCKET list to your BOOK-IT list!


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