Amsterdam’d if I Do or Amsterdam’d if I Don’t

Amsterdam’d if I do!

In 5 short weeks my friend Jane and I will be hanging out in Amsterdam for a few days before we embark on our Tulip Cruise …well, probably we’ll be dead asleep at this time of day because there’s a 5 hour difference, and we’ll have been traveling all night and day, but you get the picture.

The weather over Tulip Season is a perfect low to mid 50’s. I can totally dig that! We’ll be hitting up Coffee Shops, Canals, Gardens, Parks, and as many Art Museums as we can!  Fortunately, Amsterdam is one of those places that offer a city pass to make the most of your time. We’ll pick up our HollandPass as soon as we land and use it for the duration of our two weeks.

Anyhow. While we are in Amsterdam we will be visting with our friend Van Gogh and check out Rembrandt House. The Rijkmuseum is at the top of the list. Although it doesn’t look like we’ll get to go to the Anne Frank House because tickets are sold out months in advance, there is so much more to do!  I found a few good websites for Amsterdam, like as well as a fun video for some of the lesser known things to do.  The Portuguese Synagogue was already on our list, but for you Purse Fanatics, there’s something REALLY special for you! Check it out!

I’m pretty sure, I’ll have to save FEBO for my trip with Mike.

Tot ziens!


Hello {those of you who want to see the} world!

See what I just did there? If you get the Word Press humor, raise your hand! Ok, so maybe it wasn’t as funny as I thought, but I did indeed, snicker to myself. When you get to know me, you’ll understand.

Getting to know someone really is the name of the game in the travel industry. The web and other media has been addressing the need for travel agents all over the place this past year it seem.  From that oh so ridiculous Woman’s Day article (no I will NOT link to that) to my new web friend Matthew of‘s inquiry this week Are Travel Agents Still Relevant?DEOrangeFor an agent, getting to know the client is key to planning the right trip.  Not just knowing their wants and needs, but also their situations, and by knowing enough to ask the right questions . We learn a lot from past experiences, so knowing about what the client experienced before and how they felt about it is instrumental in getting them the best new experience!

Think of your travel agent as you would your hairdresser, plumber, or accountant. Yes, you could do the job yourself much cheaper, but how much longer will it take you to figure it out, and how many mistakes will you make along the way? A good travel agent is like a trusted contractor. The Agent knows who has the best skills and tools to do the job for the client at the budget the client has set.

Agents not only build relationships with clients, they also build them with the suppliers and their reps. Often, using a travel agent who has created a strong relationship on both sides, translates to perks you would not have gotten otherwise.  Perhaps it’s a surprise bottle of wine in your room, or info on a hidden gem of a restaurant that is a local favorite. A great agent works with great companies.  Great companies build their reputations on the way their customers feel about their overall travel experience.

Let’s get to know one another.