First Leg of the Avalon, Amsterdam and Dublin Escapade

Arrived in Dublin airport after the transatlantic flight onboard United. So glad to be off the cramped plane. (Middle Seats…ugh!) Our overnight flight offered drink service as well as a late supper and a light breakfast snack. The service was pleasant.

Arrived safe and sound at Dublin Airport to the friendliness of the Irish. Nothing warms your heart more than goodlooking redhaired irish men (and women) and their delightful brogues. It is a brogue, right? Be it Scottish or Irish? EVERYONE has a kind word, and a smile. Such a change from some of the attitudes you get in the states. Dublin airport has a lot of walking when you first get off the plane, but everyone is extremely helpful. It’s one of the least intimidating airports I’ve been to. When you get to the center, the shops are wonderful, with bright cheerful lighting, plenty of seating and outlets (including usb ports, YAY!!) Free wifi is pretty damn quick and hassle free.

The duty free shops are stocked with a myriad of whisk(e)ys, and IRISHMADE wares. If you’re getting souvenirs, you have an awesome array and you won’t be disappointed. Their are plenty of chocolates and other treats as well.

Cash machines are also easy to find.

Well, time to mosey to our gate.

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