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Everyone has that dream destination.We may not know exactly where, but we can’t help but feel its pull.  There are places that call to us and places that, once we arrive, we know we belong. These are the places I want to help you find.

I build experiences based on your lifestyle, your interests, your vision, and your budget. I create your adventure using proven companies, focusing on cultural enrichment, as well as environmentally conscious, and sustainable travel experiences that provide benefits to both the traveler and the destination.

Whether you wish to book a private group or join one of my promoted group trips, we look forward to sharing your next escapade!

By private message, email, phone or in person, Brainstorming* is essential to coming up with the right fit for our clients. We will decide on a style, realistic budget, and time frame for your trip before the hard work begins.

*Your initial consultation, up to one hour, is complimentary. Upon deciding the direction, and budget for your trip, a base planning fee will be collected to start the necessary research and begin putting the pieces together. Planning and travel management fees are charged based on the complexity of your unique experience. The minimum, non-refundable planning fee is $50 per person. Additional fees may apply according to the type of travel and number of stops involved.  Cancellation and/or change fees of $50 per person, above and beyond the supplier’s cancellation penalty will apply.

**for individuals, couples and small families, please check out our Funjet and BYOB pages for self booking engines.  DawnsEscapadesTravel.com is your one stop shop for all types of travel!

Dawn’s Escapades

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